Henric & Joanna

This phenomenal couple has lots of teaching experience and they share a love and enthusiasm for the dance and know how to present it for an audience as well as for students at a workshop.

They are well known in the lindy hop community and have been teaching all around the world. 

They have both danced since they were kids. Dances like lindy hop, bugg, rock´n roll, double bugg, modern dance, jazz and ballet are just some of their repertoire.
In 1997 they coupled up to dance and compete in boogie woogie. In 1999 they became members of the Swedish national team and have since then entered and placed in many competitions, including winning the Swedish championship in boogie woogie, as well as in lindy hop several times.

Nowadays they are head coaches for the Swedish National Team in Boogie Woogie and are working hard for the whole team.